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Fort Myers LogoWhen Thomas Edison established his winter home and laboratory here in Fort Myers back in the 19th century, he had predicted millions of people would find out about this town and want to come here and enjoy its nature and warm weather. Edison was right. Fort Myers has become a wonderful area to live and travel to, as the population growth proves year after year.

Incorporated in 1886, Fort Myers is the oldest city in Lee County. Historically known for its past residents, Mr. Thomas Edison, Mr. Henry Ford, and Mr. Harvey Firestone, this area is filled with a colorful history and old-style ambiance. Mr. Edison had planted palm trees along McGregor Boulevard, which runs along the Caloosahatchee River, and others followed, and thus forever giving Fort Myers the “City of Palms” moniker.

Fort Myers offers a diverse range of every amenity needed, along with Southwest Florida’s natural beauty and weather. The population continues to grow as well as booming business growth. Fort Myers is a wonderful place to be!

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