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Immokalee, which means “my home” in Seminole, started out as a ranching center in the late 1800s and has now become the agriculture center of Collier County and a major supplier of produce to the United States during the winter months. Over the past 20 to 30 years, this agricultural town has worked to improve its past image of a nasty, little farming town into a growing community of agriculture and future. It is succeeding.

Although Immokalee will remain an agricultural community, there are other highlights of this quaint, small town. The Seminole Indians have a rich history here and it is seen throughout. Lake Trafford, a popular spot for fishing, provides a day of relaxation and entertainment. If you’re looking for something a little more exhilarating, the Seminole Casino, the community’s largest tourist attraction, is a place where you can enjoy wonderful dining and exciting gambling fun. Soon, a brand-new city and Roman Catholic university, both named Ave Maria, will be built only a few miles southeast of Immokalee, an extremely exciting opportunity for the community. Due to the location of Immokalee, you also have quick access to many other entertaining opportunities, such as airboat rides, greyhound racing, museums, and other tourist hot spots.

Immokalee is a proud farming town expanding into an international experience for the visitor. It’s historic, quaint, and growing and it’s worth the visit.

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