FORT MYERS, Fla. – Neighbors believe speed led to a crash in their neighborhood that miraculously left no one hurt. 

Witnesses said the 21-year-old driver lost control and left Briarcliff Road where he slammed into a fence, utility pole, and phone box at the corner of Quail Trail. 

“Heard squealing tires and the impact, sound of the impact,” said Orv Curry, who lives on Quail Trail. 

This happened just after midnight on Tuesday, neighbors said.

“A lot of skidding and then a lot of crash and just not good crunching noises,” said Denise Philip. “His car was obliterated.” 

The damage is still evident. A trail that could’ve led to tragedy, a busted-up fence, and a shattered telephone box. All of it now serves as a warning to drivers who blaze down this narrow two-lane street. 

“A nice straight road like that makes it easy for people to do those kind of things,” said Curry. 

“We don’t tolerate that here. Don’t come here and street race,” Philip added. 

Lee County Sheriff’s Office deputies were out on patrol Thursday, a good deterrent to those ripping rubber. 

“Fences can be fixed, people can’t,” said Philip “Don’t come to Briarcliff and street race. We’re not having that here.”

Officials investigating the crash haven’t confirmed if the driver was cited. 

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