So, there’s nothingA�servers love more than RCs explaining the menu to us! Or better yet, correcting the menu for us.A� “Honey, you must be new.A� Trust me, you guys have potato skins.A� I don’t know when they took them off the menu, but you have them.A� We had them here about two months ago.” I have personally been working at my restaurant for over three years.A� We’ve never once offered potato skins in the whole three years.A� Not only that, my chain has been around for quite some time, and the managers assure us that we’ve NEVER had potato skins.A� But I’ve had an RC get absolutely hostile with me for refusing to get the an order of the potato skins that they know, without a shadow of a doubt, that we offer as a regular appetizer.
I’ve also had a customer indignantly insist that I remove a signature dish from the table immediately and fetch a manager because the cookA�added bacon to it.A� I explained to him that the item in question has, in fact, always had bacon in it.A� The customer haughtily explained to me that I must be new (why do they always say that,) because this particular dish never, EVER had bacon in it.A� There happened to be a menu on a nearby table because the server had neglected to remove it, even though their table was eating their meal. A�I asked the other table if I could borrow the menu, and showed the RC at my table that he was in fact, mistaken, because the menu clearly listed bacon as an ingredient in the item he ordered.A� “THESE MUST BE BRAND NEW MENUS!” he roared at me.A� I turned without another word and got my manager, who, of course, explained to the man that the dish he ordered had always contained bacon.
Look, I know the well-known adage states that the customer is always right, but that’s just not true.A� Sometimes RCs are dead wrong, and you’d think they’d have the decency to admit it, to say, “My bad, I must have missed that on the menu, is there any way I could get this remade, I don’t eat bacon,” or “Oh, it must have been a different restaurant we had the potato skins at a couple of months ago.A� Well, do you have any appetizers that are similar by any chance,” I mean, really! Don’t be rude about the fact that you’re WRONG!