One of the most gorgeous and peaceful areas to live in the United States is Ocala, Florida. The natives are extremely cheerful and friendly and love to welcome new folks to town. Most that live in Ocala have been there for decades – and, there is a reason why they have not left. Ocala is the perfect place to live because it has a distinct flavor of old countryside U.S.A. with a flair of modernity. One thing is for sure – when you come to Ocala, you will fall in love!
Ocala is nestled in a perfect location because it is approximately an hour’s drive to Orlando, the Gulf Coast, and the Eastern Atlantic coast of Florida. To be exact, the quaint little town is located in the county of Marion and is home to the enormously-sized national park, The Ocala National Forest. So, people who live in Ocala have the opportunity to live quietly and serenely while still being able to take short day trips to some extraordinary places. Even if you decide not to travel out of Ocala, there is plenty to do. One of the most well-known places is the gorgeous 350-acre nature theme park, Silver Springs. This place has plenty of things to do like: fishing, swimming, glass-bottom boat rides, canoeing, or wild life watching. Silver Springs is an amazing place with some rare animal species that will amaze the whole family.
In addition to all the activities that are just an arm’s reach away, the city of Ocala has many preserved historic homes in a unique and charming historic district located on East Fort King Street. The rows of preserved Victorian homes add even more charm to this already sweetheart of a southern city. And, although Ocala is considered a city, it is country living all the way. People living in Ocala value their peace and quiet and know they can find sanctity in this extraordinary city.
There is another big plus about Ocala, and that is the economy. The economical state of this great city is ideal due to its location. For one, Ocala is right smack dab in the middle of two major universities, next to a couple international airports, and near major attractions (i.e. Orlando). This optimum location makes it a great location for manufacturing. Also, the local workforce is diverse and has a wide range of skills. The local commercial businesses do well because of the moderate climate and diversity in the workforce pool. All in all, Ocala has a very strong and stable economy compared to other parts of the country.
Anyone looking for peace and tranquility will definitely find it in Ocala. And, because it is located outside of major cities, the real estate is still reasonable. Living in Ocala can be fun and exciting (because of all the things to do), but also calm, cool, and relaxing. Therefore, the city of Ocala is one of the greatest places to raise a family and settle down to a live a life of peace, harmony, and serenity!