All my life my family has talked about the state of Florida being the best possible spot for family vacation rentals. Florida has many places to travel to for many different vacation purposes. It doesn’t matter if you young, in your mid life crisis or are retired there is always somewhere in Florida to vacation and have a great time.
Florida’s Beaches have been rated among the best in the world for the last few years by numerous rating organizations. Dr. Beach’s America’s Best Beach list has named Florida a top ten beach for the past 10 years capping at number one in 2005.
Throughout Florida’s coastline on the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic are both for the most part warm. If you’re looking for surf in the Northern part of Florida, the Atlantic Ocean is ideal. The Gulf of Mexico tends to be much more calm and great for those interested in tanning and spending a day at the beach with the family. South Florida resembles the Gulf of Mexico much more than Atlantic Ocean because of the Caribbean Islands that block the waves.
While sand in the Northwest region such as cities like Pensacola and Panama City is generally very white. Beaches along the Atlantic have a more coarse texture or light beige. Daytona is like no other beach in Florida with hard packed sand suitable for different vehicles.
Florida is generally one of the warmest states in the United States. This makes a great spot for vacationers who are interested in warm weather. Because Florida is a peninsula (surrounded by water on three different sides) the water greatly influences the temperature. On coastal part of Florida temperatures rise during the day and drop during the night rapidly.
The winter season in Florida is one like no other because it’s chilly but not too cold. Winter time is the dry season of Florida which is great because it’s a change from the humidity during the other seasons. South Florida general doesn’t get cold except for a few cold fronts but the North feels the effects of winter. South Florida usually doesn’t go below the 60’s during winter time but northern Florida can’t hit the 40’s sometimes even lower. Although snow is rare it is not uncommon in Northern Florida.
Florida is one of the hotspots in the United States for theme parks. Florida actually has more theme parks than any other state in all of the United States and possibly in the world. Orlando is the most pristine of all the hotspots in Florida where Walt Disney world is stationed. They include parks such as Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Blizzard Beach, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Busch Gardens is located in the Tampa Bay area and is a “African-themed” family entertainment park with many rides. Universal Studios is a theme park of its own kind, based on movie studio theme it offers greats rollercoaster’s and different three dimensional rides such as the Terminator, Battle Across Time and Back to the Future. In my opinion if you want to look for vacation rentals in Florida, How2vacation has great rentals.