Why Buy In Cape Verde?

The islands are still largely undeveloped, though with foreign investment and the support of the local government the infrastructure of the islands is improving significantly.

Cape Verde is socially and politically stable with recommendations from the IMF and the World Bank. Only five hours from the UK by direct flight it serves as the only remaining tropical destination with low property prices around.

There has never been a better time than the present to invest in the Cape Verdian property market. It has the potential to benefit from the mistakes made in the development of the Canary islands. Set for development more inline with the Caribbean already tourism is progressing at a rapid rate.

Prices are still affordable and with mortgages available investment now could see prime land or properties being snapped up with 70% return on capital investment expected in 2 years.

Cape Verde is pushing for inclusion into the EU with the exchange rate already fixed to the Euro. The Cape Verdian Government is encouraging investment and development on a huge scale with exciting tax incentives including an initial 5-year tax h

oliday and a reduction on corporation tax for non-residents. There is prime land still available so to encourage development, the Government are offering an exemption on import duties for building materials and full residency for employers of Cape Verdian Nationals.

There is huge potential for these islands so investment now is the smart option. With companies such as the hugely successful Miami based Niki Beach group moving in, as well as all the major international hotel chains, clearly the direction these islands are taking is a positive one.

Invest in Cape Verde…it is a simple choice!

Source by Lee Parry