One of Florida’s top destination hot spots is St. Petersburg. If you plan on making a visit to this location, then you will more than likely need to know of some great places to eat, right, Well sure you do, unless you plan on going to the grocery store to pick up something to cook. If you aren’t, then you may want to check out some of these great restaurants.
The first is the Healthy Hut. This neat little place is tucked into the back of a grocery store. So its not really your conventional food place, but its good none the less. Anyways, as the title suggests, they have a lot of healthy, organic foods. For those of you out there that like to eat fried stuff, or food chalked full of carbs, do not be alarmed. They have regular food like chicken fingers as well.
The next restaurant that I am going to review is Sea Hags. I love this restaurant for their food and their concerts. The other day I went in there and they had a little band playing some good oldies songs. The have a good balanced menu – a lot of seafood, but some other stuff like chicken fingers and hamburgers.
Crabby Bills is the next restaurant that I am going to review. This is your typical seafood restaurant with crab legs. They are a great place to eat by the way; I really think that you will enjoy dining and having a good time at this particular location.