A DUI charge can be very serious and include large fines, jail time, or both. In Florida, the drunk driving laws are very strict and so are the penalties. Depending on the situation, a DUI can be considered a misdemeanor or a felony, if it is a felony it will show up on your criminal record. If this happens, anyone running a background check on you can see the charge, including employers. Some parts of Florida have especially strict fines. In Orlando it is rare to see someone get convicted of a DUI and get out of it without paying at least $5000 in fines, expenses, and surcharges.
The penalties of a DUI charge depend on prior charges. Due to the criminal law in Orlando, a first conviction costs nothing less than $500 and 50 hours of community service, or another $500. This is without calculating expenses related to probation, mandatory classes, insurance charged, and DMV fees. These expenses can add hundreds more to your total cost. A second conviction is nothing less than $1000 and mandatory imprisonment of at least ten days. If convicted for a second or third DUI it can then become a felony, which would negatively affect your whole life. A third conviction costs nothing less than $2000 and mandatory imprisonment for at least thirty days. This is very serious and can cause you to lose your license forever. On top of all these fines, fees, and surcharges comes the loss of money from missing work, transportation, and career values. If you are young and looking into education institutions, this is especially bad.
If you do happen to end up in a DUI charge in Orlando, be sure to contact a drunk driving attorney, they may cut down the charges, cost, and even time of DUI penalties. An experienced criminal defense lawyer has dealt with drunk driving cases many times before and knows the laws in and out. Don’t let the penalties of a DUI charge compound over time, you must act right away. Finding a good DUI lawyer may require some time and research but will save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Although Florida’s DUI laws seem specifically harsh, other states are not much more lenient. A DUI charge is hard to deal with no matter where you, make sure you get the appropriate help.