Holistic programs literally mean the programs that concentrate on overall health of a person. Not only physical but mental and spiritual health of a person is taken into consideration. An addict faces severe disorder in all levels of life due to the addiction of drugs or alcohol.
It seems like impossible to get rid of addiction once it takes full control over a person’s mind, body and soul. However, addicts can quit their habit if they get adequate support from a Florida rehab along with support of family and friends. Only confrontation cannot heal the addicts. They need a simultaneous healing of their physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances.
There are various holistic approaches followed in the Florida rehab. The use of approach differs from person to person. They concentrate on the detoxification of the body of the individuals, thereby giving a healthy emotional and spiritual life to the addicts.
Some of the major programs followed at Florida rehab include:
It is the powerful means of enlightenment of the souls of the people by aligning their thoughts. It increases the flexibility and rhythm in the body, healing many malfunctions.
Nutritional Education
Drugs and alcohol decrease the metabolism in the body, which leads to ill health of an addict. A nutritional education provides the overview of nutritional importance to the addicts. They can take care of themselves even after they leave the Florida rehab.
The therapy uses fine needles to press the pressure points of the addicts. This generates the essential hormones, eliminating the blockages in the body of addicts. Regular sessions of acupuncture improve the health of the patients. Allied to this is acupressure – giving pressure at vital nodes of the body which directly affect the organs. Palpitating these pressure points which vitalize these organs.
Massage therapy
There are different kinds of massages given to the patients like head massage, foot massage and body massage. A massage helps in stimulating a better flow of blood, thereby eliminating the harmful substances flowing with the blood.
Spiritual enlightenment classes
The addicts are bound to fall morally weak during the dependence on addiction. However, the spiritual classes in Florida rehab help them to reinstall those moral values into human beings. The patients are taught to pray to God or a superior being in whom they believe and draw support and strength through His support..
The first step in any holistic approach is essentially the detoxification of the body of the addict completely. Any residual amount of drug left in the body can make the person relapse into the addiction, even after the complete recovery. Patients are bound to face withdrawal symptoms like stress, anxiety, insomnia, body aches and even depression in some cases. This is because of cleansing process they are going through. These symptoms are stern in some cases.
The patients are guided to handle these symptoms with the assistance of professionals. An addict cannot recover successfully without holistic programs along with medications. Holistic programs in Florida rehab help the patients to improve the quality of their life there by learning better ways of living. Gentle exercises, massages, and counseling lead a person to the right direction of life. The patients undergo a round the clock treatment with these approaches. And the results are there for all to see: a physically and mentally reinvigorated person raring to go.