When Should We Go,
Orlando Florida reaches into millions of visitors each year, making it one of the most popular destinations in the world for family’s. I found that there are thousands of articles online that you can spend hours and hours reading on when to go, where to visit, where to stay, and the truth is, is that it’s not rocket science even for first time visitors.
If you enjoy the hot weather then go in the summer, and yes this is one of the busiest and hottest times of the year and you will queue for the attractions.
Disney World at Christmas and new year is another busy period along with Easter break when millions of visitors flock to see the festivals and other great attractions on offer, but this is what it’s all about. It’s that magical atmosphere that Disney World and other attractions create that we go for.
If for some reason you don’t like the heat, the queues and the atmosphere then I would recommend going in the not to busy periods, like September or January. These are the periods where you won’t get that tan, you won’t get the queues and you certainly won’t get that magical atmosphere.
Visiting Orlando Florida in the not to busy periods does have its up’s and downside’s to it. For instance villa rentals or hotels, its probably half the price, or they will have some kind of special deal on, but this is because they need to fill the rooms or rentals they have available. The only up side we see is that there are no queues in the park, however they do shut earlier than in the busy months.
Having being a rental owner myself for the past 5-6 years and visiting Orlando Florida for the past 10 years i can honestly say whether your visiting for the first time or not, don’t be let down by the parks shutting early,the weather and the emptiness of Disney World spoil your vacation. As i mentioned earlier it’s that magical atmosphere that we ALL go for.
Where Should We Stay, Where Should We Visit,
Now here’s another story in which I will try and save you hours of reading, many articles online will have you sit there and read through a full page or more on where to visit, and where to stay in Orlando Florida. Now most people who visit Orlando Florida are visiting for one thing and one thing only “Disney World”.
So where should you stay, if you are visiting for Disney World and the other attractions like Sea World, Universal Studios, Blizzard beach, as long as you stay either around the 192 area including highway 27 (the 192 is a main road area surrounded by villa rentals and Disney attractions) or international drive. You will never be more than a short drive away from the main attractions. Hotel or villa, this is your preference. However I will tell you that staying in a hotel is a lot more expensive than renting a vacation home for your family.
So where to visit, There are plenty of places to visit, so much that you would have to return again to see some more. Attractions like Sea World, Universal Studios, Blizzard Beach, Magic Kingdom, Pleasure Island, Busch Gardens and lots more, and for you who like relaxing on beaches the famous cocoa beach is on an hour away.
When Should We Go, Go for the atmosphere, it’s hot and it’s busy but it’s well worth it.
Where Should We Stay, Hotel or villa in the area’s mentioned. Remember that renting a villa is a lot more cost effective,
Where Should We Visit, You will probably have to return to see everything. Our favourites include Sea World and Universal, but there are plenty more.