In the spring, many people that live in cold, northern states head to South Florida for Spring Break to get some sun and enjoy the beautiful weather after getting through another cold winter. A lot of people go to the more populated areas of South Florida that include Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach because there are so many fun things to do there according to an owner of a South Florida office cleaning and South Florida janitorial service business. This article will describe some of the fun things and attractions to do there whether you are an adult or are traveling with kids there is something for everyone.
If you are planning on going to more than two attractions in the area, it is recommended that you buy the Go Miami Card that will offer you discounts on over forty of the attractions in the area and save you quite a bit of money versus paying for the attractions individually. One of the favorite places to see is the Miami Sea Aquarium which is similar to a Sea World with eight different marine animal shows using dolphins, killer whales and sea lions. They also have the dolphin odyssey which allows visitors to get in the water and swim and interact with the dolphins which is so exciting. The Sea Aquarium is a great place for both adults and children to visit.
Another popular place to see is called Jungle Island that is located in the heart of Miami. This is a tropical jungle that is full of birds, monkeys and other things that you would see in the middle of a lush jungle. They have many shows using these animals as well as having some of the rarest animals in the world on exhibit. If you are an animal lover, this is a great place to visit. Another animal centered attraction is the Everglades Alligator farm which is the oldest alligator farm and has more than 3,000 alligators to see. You may also take an airboat tour there to see the alligators in the water safely.
If the weather is not great one day while on your vacation, be sure to see the Miami Nature Museum. This is a highly interactive museum with a gravity playground for small children, a rock wall to climb on, virtual basketball and a planetarium to sit under to see the stars above you. The museum of Discovery and Science is also a great place that has great exhibits like the world’s largest living coral reef on display and an IMAX theatre too.
Another fun thing that tourists like to do is to visit Ernest Hemingway’s home where he lived from 1931 to 1961 when he passed away. This Nobel Prize winning author had quite an impact on the area and his home is one of the favorite destinations to see when in Key West. This home and museum is located on Key West and is Spanish colonial style and also had the very first pool built on Key West.