Many companies have used portable displays to premiere a new product, providing a sample of it while they wait for the real thing to become commercially available. Surprisingly few of these companies take the next logical step and use the same trade show display to sell the item once it become available. If you take the opportunity and sell your merchandise with trade show displays, you can see a huge increase in sales.
Why Sell From Trade Show Displays
The idea of selling from trade show displays isn’t a new one. For as long as these units have helped companies attract visitors and publicize what they have to offer, vendors have used them to sell that product. It’s a proven way to move merchandise for the companies that use it, and a virtual unknown to those who don’t.
When you begin to sell your merchandise from portable displays, you can expect to see an almost immediate increase in your profits. The key to having real, lasting success is to properly integrate your product into the exhibit itself, and to phase in new products without abandoning the old ones.
Product Placement In Portable Displays
Using a booth to sell your product presents a crucial question: how flexible do you want your booth to be, If possible, your company should emphasize each product individually, producing a completely new exhibit when a new product is revealed. Although this is ideal, it is not required for a successful sale. It is simply something that must be considered before you implement a new product. If you plan to replace the booth when you offer a new item for sale, then you’ll design your current exhibit around that one particular product. Such a focused design produces great results, because it broadcasts the item quite clearly. However, it can be difficult to transition and showcase a different item in the future.
If you’re not confident that you can replace the portable displays whenever you like, then you should create a style that will be compatible with many products. Instead of emphasizing each piece of merchandise, it should stress your company as a whole. This kind of exhibit is very useful because it promotes your brand while selling merchandise, giving it a twofold benefit.
Layout Issues To Consider
The exact design of your exhibit will vary depending on what you’re selling and how it is best showcased. Rather than using one standard layout, it is best to consider how to display your item in its best light, and then go from there. For example, you might have a few display stations, but keep the majority of your stock in the back. Keep in mind that having a lot of inventory within the booth is likely impractical, as it can be difficult to keep track of and may reduce space that would be occupied by visitors.
Finally, never underestimate the ability to boost your company’s brand even in a very singularly focused exhibit. Your product should take center stage, but your company shouldn’t be far behind. With the right layout, you can emphasize both, creating a strong association of your name with your product. This kind of association is ideal from many perspectives, and has worked well for many companies in the past. With proper planning, it will work for you as well.