You should value your teeth and your level of oral health because it is one of the most seen parts of your body. An ugly smile can take attention away from the rest of your face. It is important to maintain your oral hygiene to prevent oral disease. One of the most common diseases caused by poor oral hygiene is commonly referred to as tooth erosion. Tooth erosion is the process in which harmful agents cause the enamel on your teeth to erode away, or disappear. Let’s discuss the ways in which erosion can be prevented.
Food and Drink
Specific types of food and drinks are one of the most common causes when it comes to erosion of the teeth. Acidic foods are known to be the worst foods for oral health. The acid that these foods contain love to quickly eat at tooth enamel. Soda drinks and fruit drinks are the worst in regard to their high levels of acid. Drinking to many of these drinks will surely cause your teeth to erode. You should also monitor the amount of sugary foods you consume, like candy and sweets. The sugar can also cause plaque buildup and lead to tooth erosion.
Internal Causes
You cannot control or prevent all of the factors that cause erosion of the teeth. Sometimes this disease can be caused from acids that come are produced by a person’s body, like gastric acids that come from stomach. These acids will attack teeth in the same way as the acid from food. Some people will experience this more than others, depending on types of diseases they have. If you do have acid being produced by your body, you will see certain changes occur in your mouth, like color change.
While you can limit your consumption of the foods and drinks that cause tooth erosion, you can’t stop your body from producing acid on your own. If you are experiencing symptoms of tooth erosion because of gastric acid you will need to see a dentist. Dentists use different procedures to deal with tooth erosion.
You will need to find a dentist that offers sedation dentistry if you have a fear of going to the dentist. This technology will allow you to sleep through the whole visit. Tooth erosion is not something that should be overlooked or ignored. You need to contact a dentist immediately if you are experiencing the symptoms associated with erosion of the teeth.