Some top speed dating tips from a very experienced host…
I’ve been hosting speed dating events across the UK, mainly in Nottingham, Derby and Manchester for over 2 years now, I really have seen everything there is to see! I’ve had men turn up an hour late, people shaking with nerves & having one too many because they’re so name it, it’s happened! We’re only human after all! Whilst this sounds rather daunting I want to tell you that speed dating is actually a really enjoyable experience and if you’re single, a worthwhile activity. I’ve lost count of the amount of people who’ve approached me at the end of an event to tell me they were nervous & had doubts about attending but were very pleased they came along as they enjoyed every minute and met some lovely people. Nerves will always kick in before attending a speed dating ‘ve just got to remember that everyone is in the same boat as you and better still…everyone is there because they genuinely want to find love. If you’re still cautious about attending a speed dating event just have you got to lose,
So to make everything run that bit more smoothly for you at one of our speed dating events I want to share my top tips with you.
1. Make sure you know the venue location & start time
Gentlemen this one is for you I’m afraid! After hosting many speed dating events I tend to find that the ladies plan very well and arrive in plenty of time but the guys leave it to the last minute and usually turn up in a panic. Double check you know where the event is being held, make sure you know where the nearest car park is and arrive in time to get yourself a drink cos there’s nothing worse than turning up late, thirsty and with no time to compose yourself before you start an evening of dating!
2. If attending with a ‘t sit next to them!
Many people turn up with a friend or two to steady the nerves, it’s nice to have someone you know to share the experience with but I would suggest you don’t sit next to your friends throughout the speed dating process for the simple reason that if they want to put you will! I’ve seen lots of ladies sit next to or near to each other and as soon as one date has moved onto the next they start chatting about other participants. This can make others feel a little uncomfortable. Also, the guys might feel you are hard to approach and I’m sure you wouldn’t want that.
3. Enjoy yourself!
Sounds silly to say but so many people get caught up with nerves & trying to think of questions to ask participants that they forget to just relax and enjoy! Let conversation happen naturally. If it doesn’t then that may be the time to refer to your questions. If all else fails and the date just isn’t working just ‘re only with them for the next 3 minutes, it’s not the end of the world!
With Speed Dating you’ll meeting new and interesting people who are all there for the same reasons as you, what’s not to enjoy,
More tips to follow!