It may sound silly, saying that I love my electric skillet, but I really do. Once you see why, I bet you’ll want to run out and buy one for yourself. I bought a large, high quality electric skillet with a domed glass lid so I could check on the food that was cooking inside without losing heat or steam. Also, the nonstick surface makes cleanup fast and easy.
Here are my top 7 reasons for loving my electric skillet.
1. I can cook fish, cabbage, and any other food that has a strong odor out on the patio in my electric skillet. I can enjoy these healthy but odorous foods without smelling up my entire house.
2. The electric-skillet expands my kitchen space for holiday meals like Christmas or Thanksgiving when a large meal is being prepared. The electric skillet can be used anywhere there is an outlet and can hold a large batch of dressing without fighting for room in the oven with the turkey.
3. I save on electricity by baking small roasts in my electric-skillet instead of the oven. The temperature control keeps the heat at an even temperature and the lid helps keep the juices in so the roast comes out perfectly browned and moist every time.
4. My electric-skillet is as attractive as it is large allowing me to not only cook an enormous casserole but also serve it right out of the skillet. It looks great on a buffet table and saves time by eliminating cleaning up the extra serving dish.
5. Once the meal is cooked and waiting to be served, the electric skillet’s “Warm” setting can hold the food at the perfect temperature.
6. Two words – fried chicken. Yes, people other than those who work for the company made famous by the Colonel still fry chicken. Just set the temperature control to 350 degrees allowing the half inch of oil to heat up before adding your battered chicken pieces. You don’t need a red and white bucket to make fried chicken tasty enough to lick your fingers.
7. And one of my favorite reasons, I can bake a pineapple upside-down cake in my electric skillet and when it’s finished I flip it over onto a platter and it glides out easily because of the nonstick surface. It is fabulous and I get repeated requests for this at pot-luck dinners.
There you have it, my top 7 reasons for loving my electric skillet. If you don’t already have one, I bet you want one now.