One of the biggest mistakes people are making is that they are spending lot of time going to networking events. It’s not the going to events that is the problem; it’s about collecting business cards, getting information, speaking with the right people and then not following up. You’ve got the information, but information doesn’t do anything on it’s own. If you don’t have a follow-up system in place, you are wasting your time by not doing anything about these new contacts.
The only purpose of attending a live event is to get exposure, meet people and build a relationship. If you try to make a sale on the spot you are making a big mistake. You must build a relationship first. You can’t do that if you see people only once and never follow-up with them.
It is the same in marketing, if you send one piece of mail or one postcard and expect people to buy from you immediately, you will be very disappointed. People don’t buy when you want them to buy, they buy when they are ready. And to catch them when they are ready, it is your job to follow-up with them consistently until they take action. It is not their job to remember you when they are ready. If you follow-up consistently you will make a sale, otherwise, your competitor will make the sale.
Here are the Top 5 Step Fool-Proof Follow-Up Plan:
1. Automate your system to keep in touch on a regular basis with your network;
2. Create a 7 contact follow-up plan. Sending just one email, one brochure or one postcard won’t convert your contacts into clients.
3. Create a series of communication tools. Set up a series of emails that you will send once a week via autoresponders. and a series of a minimum of 3 postcards to send over a period of maximum 3 months. Use the same design so people will recognize your logo and branding, but don’t send the exact same message. Mention new benefits of your product or service each time. Make sure to emphasize your message on how it will help them to solve their problems.
4. Send greeting cards for special occasions: birthday, holidays, welcome, nice meeting you, etc… You have the choice, any occasion is good to send a greeting card. Even if you don’t find any specific occasion, just send a card to say “Hi”. People appreciate the personal attention.
5. Make a personal connection. After you sent various communication tools, don’t hesitate to call your contacts to check if they received your emails or cards. Don’t call to ask them if they are ready to buy but ask how you can help them. Remember you are still building the relationship.
Using those 5 simple, yet effective, strategies you will definitely build relationships and turn your contacts into paying clients instead of chasing clients at networking events, with no result.
If you are one of those who network like crazy but don’t get the results that you are expecting and/or if you don’t have a follow-up system yet, take some time this week to find a way to implement those 5 techniques to your business and reconnect with all of your contacts.