Selling a home is part art and part science. While there are statistics a seller can consult through CMA’s and the local MLS, there are other factors that definitely have an effect on the home’s salability.
* Price the Home Objectively
Homeowners often have a biased view of their property’s worth. Homeowner’s typically, consider all the improvements made to the house in the past and factor those into their sales price. While some improvements do add to the value of the home, others are the price of being a homeowner. Remodeling a room is one example of something that can legitimately contribute to the sales price. But for example, having a mural drawn on a wall, does not add real value.
Homeowners should find out the selling price of similar homes in their area purchased in the past three months. These homes should have nearly the same square footage, same number of bedrooms and the same number of bathrooms. Taking the average sales price of these comps is the best way to determine the true market value of a property.
* Make Necessary Repairs
Minor outside home improvements can bring a big return. Fixing rotting eves, brushing on a fresh coat of paint, raking up leaves, spreading mulch and planting flowers will spruce up a home’s curb appeal. On the inside, cleaning the home from top to bottom is absolutely necessary. Additionally, floors as well as walls should be cleared of clutter. Basically, putting away all the personal items as well as making the home’s drive by look better, can take a home from a maybe to a must-have in the minds of buyers.
* Make the Home Accessible
Homeowners, which insist on “appointment only”, are banking on the right buyers to walk in on their terms. In the real estate market, there is a substantial amount of luck in the selling and buying process. By making a home accessible on the basis of showing with a lenient notice, a seller will definitely see more traffic and generally more offers.
* Marketing the Home
Sellers with their home on the market have already made a commitment to sell, however not going the extra few steps listed above, can be the difference from waiting or having a sold sign in the yard.
Sellers should see to it that their home is adequately marketed not just in print advertising bit also online. The best way to accomplish this is to ask their sales agent, how he or she will use the Internet to sell their home.
The most important thing to remember is to think like a buyer. By putting on a buyer’s shoes, a seller will have a better idea of how to make the home presentable. Lastly when selling, always consider buying a homeowners warranty policy. It can generally be a great way to close a sale.