When many people hear the term 55+ communities, they often think of a retirement home where residents simply sit around all day. However, although these villages cater to people who are near retirement age, they’re full of people who want an active living lifestyle. If you’re looking into one of these, whether for yourself or for your parents, there are quite a few things to consider. Make sure to ask these questions and more before moving to one of the country’s many 55+ communities.
Is There A Focus On Active Living,
Today’s seniors aren’t content to just sit around or enjoy passive activities. While many seniors enjoy things like reading, cooking, playing cards and more, many others want to get out and seek an active living lifestyle. They enjoy things like tennis, racquetball, weight training, jogging, golf, bocce ball and other active activities. Many 55+ communities offer on-site tennis courts and golf courses alongside state of the art fitness centers, ballrooms and more.
Location, Location, Location!
Although it’s possible to find 55+ communities all over the country, they’re commonly found in warmer parts of the country. Today’s seniors don’t want to spend their retirement shoveling snow or avoiding the outdoors because of frigid wind chills. In addition to being set in warm weather climates, many are conveniently located near tourist attractions like theme parks, which is convenient when the grandchildren come for a visit.
Can You Pursue Old Hobbies Or Find New Ones,
The busy working lifestyle oftentimes leaves Americans with little time to pursue hobbies. If there’s something you’ve always wanted to do, such as take up pottery, sewing, billiards, painting and more, retirement can be the ideal time to pick up a new hobby.
Also look for 55+ communities that help foster relationships between residents. Many people move to these types of villages so that they can get to know others who are in the same stage of life. Many places offer movie nights, parties, banquets, book clubs, sewing clubs, fitness clubs and more for residents to join to help them get to know each other.
Is Your Investment Secure,
If you’re buying a home in one of these communities, you’ll need to make sure you’re purchasing from a company that’s well established. Buying in a brand new community isn’t always a concern, after all, every community has to start somewhere. However, check into other 55+ communities planned by the same company. Try to find out what other residents say and pay special attention to the upkeep and maintenance by the staff. If possible, plan a weekend visit so you can get a real-life glimpse into the active living lifestyle that each community offers.
Moving to a community that caters to seniors doesn’t mean you’ll be living a boring lifestyle. In fact, many people report that they’re enjoying more active living than ever before. Before finding a place to live, check to ensure that you’ll be able to pursue new hobbies while keeping a focus on an active living lifestyle. Finally, make sure you’re moving to a location and a community from an established company to help protect your home’s investment.