While we cannot control everything in our lives there may be some things we can control that relate to the prices we pay for life insurance. Lets review some of the most common issues that can directly influence the premium cost of a life insurance policy and how we can avoid overpaying by being proactive.
The most common issue that can be controlled is build, BMI or weight. Statistics show that many overweight inactive individuals are at higher risk to eventually experience insulin resistance, high blood pressure, cholesterol and other related health problems. The most important thing you can do is eat a healthy diet and get some exercise. If your chronically obese discuss with your physician what type of plan you should follow. This can not only reverse your mortality rate but also reduce your premiums. Additionally before buying insurance direct speak with a agent who can guide you to a carrier that offers more leniency in underwriting build charts as you may qualify for a better rate class with specific carriers.
Smokers and tobacco users pay more for life insurance, smoking increase chances for emphysema, cancer and heart disease. (Occasional celebratory cigars won’t really hurt you.) If you stop smoking for at least 12 months you may qualify for better rates after 36 months you can qualify for great rates. Even though there are carriers that offer healthy smoker rates, you can expect to pay considerably more than non-smokers. Do not try to do the fake out they can tell from the exam if you are actually a smoker.
Hobbies can also be considered a risk for underwriting life insurance, hobbies such as scuba divers, private pilots, hang -gliders and the like will likely be taxed for all the fun when purchasing a life policy. Employment in a hazardous job can have an effect on your rates as well. Many resign from riding motorcycles and working dangerous jobs when starting a family so if your starting a family consider a more conservative approach to life and find some new hobbies and work. Stress can be a big factor for many consumers who may not realize the influence it is having on their health. Many times we see clients who believe they are healthy and are dumbfounded to learn from the Para-med exam that there high stress career has caused them to suffer from untreated high blood pressure. If in fact you think this might be your case consider a non- med policy first, get that in place then stack a fully underwritten policy on top to make up the difference of coverage you need or replace the non-med altogether if the rates are lower, this way you avoid the red marks on your medical information bureau report and the risk of being rated and being forced to pay the higher premium or being denied altogether.
Family history obviously cannot be controlled but again have an agent review the issue at hand and field underwrite your case prior to submission to the carrier since agents typically know what carriers are familiar with that particular health issue, some carrier ignore a mother or father history of cancer while other will rate it. Last but not least age can affect your premiums certainly it make sense to have some form of term coverage in force when you have liabilities that depend on you spouse, children, so the younger the better if you have been considering coverage do not put it off since providers will sometimes rate you up at the 6 month mark from your last birthday if you 34 years and 5 months old start searching