CAPE CORAL, Fla. – A home in Northwest Cape Coral fell victim to thieves on Wednesday night. 

The homeowner wasn’t there at the time they stole her entire water system that sat on the side of her home. Her next-door neighbors were the first to notice the empty space the following morning.

“They saw the entire slab empty, the PVC pipe just hanging there and salt all over the grass,” said Julie O’Neal, the homeowner.

O’Neal said they took about four tanks, and she felt like they were watching her home to know when to strike. 

“It’s unexpected, you don’t expect people to scope out your house, look to see if your home in the dead of night, just steal your stuff,” said O’Neal. 

Nearby neighbors are on high alert, one decided to put up cameras on Thursday. 

“We had planned on putting one up eventually but since the neighbor came over and told us that the water system had been stolen, we thought better put it up now,” said Jeanne George, a neighbor. 

George said now that it’s up, she feels safer. 

“I just hope they catch them,” said George.

O’Neal wants them caught too. She said the police are looking into it. In the meantime, she too put up cameras around her home. 

“We have to get it replaced, it’s thousands of dollars of missing water equipment,” says O’Neal. “Now, I feel like I have to lock it to the ground just to make sure it’s not gonna happen again. It scares me to think I have to lock things up.”

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