Few years back, restaurant stools or bar stools were merely designed to provide a seat with a particular height and usually this height was made a little more than the normal chairs. This aspect related to height was considered to be the most important thing required to be there in restaurant stools. These stools were evaluated from their respective height to bar counter both by the customers as well as the restaurant owners in older times.
The situation is not the same as previous because now there are two basic changing in the furniture industry. First is that designers and interior planners are now involved in this industry and the second is the progress of technology and invention of new machinery and materials. These two major factors have totally changed the whole look of restaurant stools. Now what we find is that these stools are available not only in thousands of designs and hundreds of colors but also in dozens of materials.
It is true that getting the stools for your restaurant is an attention asking issue. Stools or some other types of furniture should always be matching or contrasting with the theme of restaurant perfectly. Along with the color and design, the sturdiness of material should not be ignored otherwise you would be entangled in purchasing stools, chairs and tables every now and then. One significant aspect which is usually ignored but bears too much value for a restaurant business is the level of comfort provided by your stools. Remember that if you fail to provide comfortable stools, you would not be able to retain your customers in long run.
On the other hand, let us take the example of a situation where there is an arrangement to entertain the customers with the live music while they are eating in the restaurant or having some drink at the restaurant bar. It is quite simple that an uncomfortable stool will ruin the whole taste of the food as well as the feel of the surrounding and every customer will feel it hard to sit for longer at such stools which are not comfortable.