“Well Formed Outcome” is a topic that has been fairly well documented in the world of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP). The notion centers around having (just as the name implies) “Well Formed Outcomes” in your life. On the surface it might sound simple, but as you look deeper, you’ll begin to notice that these still waters do run deep. With as much information available on this topic, you may find it surprising to know that few people actually use them, and even fewer know how to create them in a way that is beneficial having well formed outcomes can create more growth and prosperity in: business, our personal lives, relationships, fitness and so much more.
What’s the difference between Well Formed Outcomes and goals, With Well Formed Outcomes we are going beyond simplistic goal setting and into the higher levels of setting outcomes.
Unlike a basic “goal” that primarily deals with your conscious mind, a Well Formed Outcome works with your unconscious mind, as well as the related processes. By doing so, you will naturally begin to do the right things that move you toward your desired outcome. Take a second now to think of an area in your personal life, career or business that you would like to update or change. Now, consider how much smoother and natural it might feel supported by a Well Formed Outcome.
Well formed Outcome:
– Specific
– Represents a goal developed
– Lends to clarity on how to be reached
– Activates Unconscious processes and drives
– General
– Tend to stay in the conscious mind
– Lack clarity
– Fail to properly activate the unconscious mind
A Well Formed Outcome enables us to get really clear and specific by literally bringing in any pictures, sounds, feelings, words and anything else that would be part of that outcome.
A Well Formed Outcome should have the following characteristics:
1. It Will Be Positive – Always state your outcome in terms of the positive. The mind will not directly process a negative. Therefore, keeping it positive is imperative.
2. Must Be Descriptive – Include in as much detail as you can with all the representations that would be included. You can start by answering questions like: What does this outcome look like, What does it sound like, What does it feel like, What are the details, Where is going to take place, etc..
3. Keep It Within Your Realm of Control – Make sure your outcome is something within your control. If you can’t control it, then it’s not a Well Formed Outcome.
Outcome based thinking is the ability to visualize the outcome of a process before beginning that process. It is the ability to set goals and keep them in mind all through the negotiation process.
World class athletes from all over the world use outcome based thinking to achieve top performance in their field. The best golfers visualize a shot before they hit the ball, the best football players imagine making a touchdown before it happens. Leaders and captains of industry use outcome based thinking to grow their businesses and become better at what they do.
Below and in order are the questions to ask yourself toward forming a Well Formed Outcome. Keep in mind that these questions can be applied to just about any situation and circumstance that you want to create a well formed outcome for. It is recommended that you have a sheet of paper on hand to write down the answers to the questions below. This way, you will have your own Well Formed Outcome blue print. Remember: Just as blue prints can be changed up as new ideas and information surface, so can Well Formed Outcomes.
1. What is the outcome / conclusion you want,
2. Are other people involved in this outcome, If so what is their role,
3. What is the least I am willing to accept from this process,
4. What problems or issues could come up, (write down all that you think of)
5. DECISION POINT – based on how you have answered the above questions do you still want to move forward, If so then proceed onto the following questions.
6. How will I deal with the problems / issues I noted above if they come up,
7. How will I know when I have achieved this outcome, Be clear and descriptive because when you are finished it will feel good. You will also have a clear path toward achieving the outcome you want which can make it hard not to smile.
Knowing the outcome in advance and how to achieve it is extraordinarily powerful. It’s easy to get excited knowing you have recruited and activated your unconscious mind and brought it into the process. You may also find it equally exciting knowing that dreams can become reality when then they are well formed.