The Pause That Refreshes!

Tired of the same ol’ same ol’ – the political rhetoric, the condemnation of others, and the double standards? Tired of leaving your place of worship angrier than when you went in? Tired of having to believe what someone else insists that you believe, read what they tell you to read, and only watch the “approved” movies or TV shows? Then try a little meditation – it will not insult your intelligence!

It’s not habit forming, and you don’t even have to worship anybody. Nor is it holy or special, it’s just… meditation! You can be yourself, totally, and believe what you want to believe, watch what you want to watch, read what you want to read; it’s up to you. No beliefs, no pressure to act a certain way, no guilt, no fear, no anger, no having to memorize scriptures. Just meditation; where you will become compassionate, extremely well adjusted, confident, and insure yourself of a similar situation in the next world!

Meditation costs you nothing. It’s free. No tithing, no supporting preachers or priests, no donations to any religious organizations, no building expensive churches or buying Mercedes-Benzes for religious leaders… just meditation. It’s not an important religion, actually, it’s not a religion at all; it’s more of a way to understand yourself and ease your uncertainties. And it’s not hard to do, you don’t even have to read any books or listen to any lectures. You can do as you please. (But you can’t be a sheep)!

Meditation will make you aware of what you do, and why it pleases you. And it will make you aware of what brings you down; you will get to know yourself, and knowledge is power. You will understand why people are judgmental. Why they are deathly afraid of that which they are judging, and why they would be afraid of something that, as they claim, wasn’t the truth? Also, why they would be afraid that their children might be exposed to new ideas (unless their old ideas may be suspect if examined too closely?)

Aren’t you tired of all this arguing and disagreement, hatred and fear? Then try a little meditation! Actually, some say that meditation is the only real thing that will make a difference in how you feel about yourself. It’s how you can end your worries and concerns. Meditators rarely, if ever, commit suicide! No longer do you have to worry about some deity up there in the clouds that is watching and judging your every move. Yuk! That would be horrible! You don’t need that. You are more mature than that; you know when you are hurting someone, and you know that hurting someone has a rebound. Meditation doesn’t insult your natural fairness. (You don’t think that religion invented judgmental gods so that you would tow the line, work hard and support the priests, do you? And maybe even insist that you have lots of kids to support the religion? Hmm.)

So try some meditation, and taste a little freedom from the darkness that hatred and judgmentalism involves. If you are becoming angrier and more self-righteous every day, maybe it’s time to take a chance on something (meditation) that has been proven, for over 5,000 years, to bring peace and courage into your heart. It’s your life, why surrender it to extremist ideas of other people? Are you becoming angrier? Have you considered why? It might not be the reason that you are being led to believe that it is. And if what you are being led to believe proves false someday, you might want to consider what else may be untrue!

Meditation is between you and your mind, that’s all. And all the wisdom of the world and eternity is right in there. If God, and all God’s love is not in there, where is it? All you have to do is tap into it. It’s all up to you!

Source by E. Raymond Rock