There is a group of islands southeast of the Florida peninsula which are known as the Florida Keys. This cluster of islands number about 1700 and have both inhabited and uninhabited islands. The Keys (as the locals call them) extend in an arc which divide the Atlantic Ocean from the Gulf of Mexico and also border one edge of Florida Bay.
The Florida Keys were populated by American Indians until Ponce de Leon discovered and charted the area. The total area of the Keys isn’t very large, only about 137 square miles, but these tropical islands have a population of about 80,000 and consists of two counties: Monroe and Miami-Dade.
One downside of these tropical islands is their proximity to the hurricanes which storm their way through the southern tip of Florida annually. Fortunately, the wild hurricane season has not deterred tourism. In fact, many surfers still converge on Florida to catch the huge waves during that time of year. You can imagine how big the waves become when there is a hurricane on its way, which will attract the really brave, or mad depending on how you view the sport, surfers.
Another popular activity is fishing, as well as having great weather for most of the year the Keys has some of the most amazing fishing in the United States. It is easy to find a charter boat for as little as a few hours, or you can go out for longer periods of time and fish for game fish. The sort of fish that you take home and have stuffed and put them over your bar.