After another rendezvous with South Florida dining, I am happy to report that I have a new favorite burrito. I know this is hard to believe, I love so many of the burritos that I have tried since living here. The buffalo burrito remains consistent as far as taste. I cannot believe this is my first time trying this particular burrito. It really stands out as one of the better I’ve had. I’m staying firm on the idea that these burritos cannot be beat by even the lead competitors. They’re just too good!
Where best to start for a burrito than a source of protein! Thank goodness for all of South Florida’s vegetarians, there is a nice black bean hummus substitute. I cannot get enough of this hummus, it drives me crazy! There is also pork, chicken, chicken breast, and organic steak. The healthy selection is really ideal for anyone trying to eat better.
Usually the next step is the delicious blue cheese celery slaw. My friends and I all agree that most types of slaw are just not for us. This deliciously aged blue cheese celery slaw really had the last laugh though! We were so shocked at how much we enjoyed it.
Though it’s not necessarily recommended on the buffalo burrito, this is where I load on the rice. Rice is a really great grain to go on anything, and when you taste South Florida’s yellow rice you will not look back. You just can’t compare with the choices South Florida dining has to offer.
Ultimately, you’re going to have to dip into the sauces. The most obvious choice for this burrito is the to-die-for buffalo sauce. Wow am I a fan of buffalo sauce, and this was by far some of the best I’d had in a long time!
While considering sauces, it is also ideal to add ranch sauce to the ingredients. Ranch sauce really combines the flavor and brings all of the ingredients into harmony. I thought this was a sort of wild ingredient, but I was really blown out of the water with its taste!
Though it is not a must, I opt to go for cheese on this burrito. If you’re eating healthier and want to hold the cheese, this is also a good choice. Either way, your burrito will completely sweep you off your feet. I went with an aged cheddar cheese and I could not get enough of it!
I can’t believe I have been introduced to yet another burrito as good as the buffalo burrito. I’m going to have to expand my top 10 entrees list for South Florida’s burritos alone! Where else can one find such satisfying meals with such nice employees,