The best time of year to visit Florida is going to depend on exactly who you ask, but the general thought is that it is in one of three months: Spring, Fall and Winter. Avoid a trip to the Sunshine State in the Summer unless you like the idea 110 degree days with high humidity.
Traveling to Florida in the Spring is nice, but it can be very warm and very humid by the beginning of March, depending on where in Florida you are traveling to. You can do research on sites like to follow trends for the average and high temperatures of any given month of the year. Take a look at these temperatures and see what month of the year might be ideal for your trip.
When planning a trip to Florida in the Fall, the same travel conditions may exist as in the Spring so it is not the chosen travel time for many. The Fall also has the largest number of rainstorms in Florida, second to the Spring rains. This, for some, is ideal, as the adventurer may catch a hurricane or two.
But for most, the perfect time of the year to visit Florida is in the Winter, as this is when the rest of the country is reeling from the cold and Florida is boasting some of the warmest weather in the continental United States. This is often when the largest number of travel deals are published as well. The population of Florida grows by nearly double in the Winter time because of the number of travelers in addition to the ‘snow birds’ who move down seasonally to avoid the cold northern temperatures.