How would you answer the following question, For your entire home or office – building repair, does anything ever slip by you, If you are one of those rare people who thinks of absolutely everything, and have never had costly home or office building- repairs; then congratulations because you are definitely the exception. Or are you the exception just for the time being, The rest of us mortals tend, have things happen to us and we are caught fully unaware.
There are six home-repairs ‘ifs’ that are real budget busters:
1) If you are unaware of them,
2) If routine maintenance is not observed,
3) If you don’t recognize the hints or tell tale signs,
4) If the problem is discovered and you go to the wrong repairman,
5) If the discovered problem is misdiagnosed,
6) If the discovered problem is over diagnosed.
We’ve done a little research and found out that just as you should know the proverbial 3 R’s in education: “Readin’ Ritin’ and Rithmetic” you should also educate yourself as to the top 3 Repair R’s of homeownership: “Roofing, Radon and Rotten Sewer Pipes”. When considering the 3 nemesis of your wallets that we mentioned earlier, such as: your home’s Roof, Radon seepage and Rotten Pipes, they certainly can all be devastating. These top three costliest home repairs sneak up on nearly everyone often without warning. Just as you go to a mechanic, doctor or dentist for your scheduled check-up, there are things that you need to have looked at out, in and around your house. They have devastating consequences if not caught in time. Whereas Radon and roof leaks can be detected through a thorough inspections, the rotten-, cracked or block sewer pipes may only give you a clue when it is too late and at the most inconvenient of times. Instead of replacing your sewer pipes there are companies out there who specialize in relining pipes. Relining pipes, is not something too many sewer experts even practice or specialize in, so buyer beware it is best to find an expert pipe re-liner.
Troubling situations that made some owners consider that foreclosure, property abandonment or even a bad bankruptcy are the real or only options open up opportunities for some savvy investors. Successful real estate insiders got wiser through experience and of course they allowed their nastiest lessons as well as other people’s difficult situation to be part of their acquisition strategy. While speaking to some real estate investors we were amazed to discover that sometimes they look for properties that have had some of the problems even sewer line problems that they were able to fix at a cost that made sense. Some of these property mavens ferreted out opportunities where the previous owners had to walk away from amazing properties some of the expenses that were the game changers, the budget busters.
By learning the useful differences between the technological advances and maintenance options that are out there you can understand which options can resolve the 6 budget busting if’s, that are definitely not myths.