Although there are many colleges and universities located throughout Florida, if you are looking for an institution of higher education that aims specifically at helping students enter into a career with a well-rounded education, Florida Career College is the place. This college has been specializing in career training since 1982 and has an excellent track record with keeping their programs updated according to industry needs.
There are also 10 campuses to choose from that offer a wide range of career programs to select. These include Nursing, Business, Information Technology, Cosmetology, and Wellness programs. There are many more options to choose from that also offer educational program levels of diplomas, Associate’s degree up to and including a Bachelor’s degree.
The school’s philosophy is based on four concepts, the first of which is to maintain standards that are dictated by the industries needs. Second, there will be no favoritism shown in the treatment between individual students. The third concept is to provide a well-rounded education for all students. Lastly, each student must share in the responsibility of a positive outcome by participating in learning activities including professional growth opportunities provided by Florida Career College.
All the campuses offer students comfortable large classrooms, computer labs, clinical skin care labs, message clinics, and cosmetology training facilities. Students also have access to the resource center, which provides excellent reference materials, books, periodicals, and videos.
Students are also offered free tutoring services if needed, plus a variety of schedules including evening hours. Although the classrooms are large, class size is kept small. Each campus also offers student services for assistance with applying for financial aid. However, there are requirements that students must meet. These are registration in an degree program, passing the ATB (Ability to Benefit) test, not be in default on a student loans, have financial need, maintain a passing GPA, and be a U.S. citizen.
Along with organized student social activities, students can enjoy the “spa” at the college. It is the faculty’s goal to maintain an atmosphere conducive for learning, including promoting interaction between student and teacher so that if any difficulties begin there can be early intervention.
Even after a student has graduated, there is employment assistance from career services, which help with resumes and interviewing skills. These representatives also go out into the various communities to establish relationships with business owners and help them with their employment needs by referring new graduates with the appropriate skills.