Ruby Tuesday Restaurant is an American casual dining chain of restaurants. Ruby Tuesday Restaurant name is based on the song by the Rolling Stones.
The first Ruby Tuesday Restaurant was established by the five students from the University of Tennessee in 1972 where it is still headquartered. In April 1982 they merged with and became part of Morrison Incorporation’s Specialty Restaurant Division.
In 1996 Morrison Incorporation was distributed in three different entities namely Ruby Tuesday Incorporation, Morrison Health Care Incorporation and Morrison’s Fresh Cooking Incorporation. After the division, Morrison Health Care was taken over by Compass group and Morrison Fresh cooking inc. is also owned by Piccadilly. As a result Ruby Tuesday is the only beneficiary or successor of Morrison Restaurants Incorporation.
One of the reasons for their success is their freshly served high quality food. They never compromise on the quality of their food. Even the ingredients which go into making the food are premium, completely fresh and high quality. They use in 100% USDA Choice or Prime ground beef. Food quality, hospitality and customer service is the basis of their focus and guarantee.
They incorporated and began offering franchises in 1996 and currently have over 680 units in the US and 16 foreign countries. They have high standards for their franchisees, requiring multiple restaurant, hospitality and market experience. Strong financial support, passion for the business, adopting corporate goals and commitment to development are all required.
To that aim they offer strong support such as real estate development, operational support, marketing support, culinary development, technology development, performance training and initiative implementation.
They always welcome new business opportunities and franchisees. The Initial Franchise Fee pay is $45,000 and total investment cost may go up to $500,000. Royalty Fees depend upon gross sales at a rate of 4%. There are advertising fees of 1.5% of the gross sales and a 15 year renewable term of agreement.
Ruby Tuesday does offer distinctive franchising programs and referenced financing support.
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