Starting your own business can be one of the biggest life changing experiences you may encounter so it is not a decision you will make lightly, it is one that you have to go into fully prepared. Opening a restaurant is a particularly difficult business to start because there are many issues to think about, such as staffing. Getting the right staff is a necessity if you want your business to succeed.
When thinking about staff it is important to be aware of costs, having too many staff when it is quiet or not enough when it is busy can be disastrous. An Effective roster is essential. Things to consider when making your rota are:
– When are your busy periods, More customers, more staff.
– Should you give your staff straight or split shifts depending on your business you don’t want staff standing around.
– Did anyone require specific shifts, Account for these first and then you can fill in the gaps.
– If you have preparation to be done and the best time to do it. Maybe you should have a member of staff working through the afternoon to help give you a head start for the evening rush.
– Skill levels of your staff you don’t want your strongest team on in your quiet period. Make sure your supervisors are not all working together unless you really need them to.
– Keep your rota cost efficient. You want to make money you do not want to pay people for standing around if it turns out to be a quiet night you could send someone home early.
– Make your rota clear and highly visible to avoid people not turning up because they didn’t know that they were on duty.
– Try and keep staff who work well together, with each other sometimes this could save you getting an extra member of staff in.
You will also need an effective method of recording your staff’s arrival and finishing times, if you have a member of staff who finishes later than expected or arrives late for whatever reason you can then pay your staff the correct amount. This will help keep your staff happy because at the end of the day that is why we all go to work.