Any Food and Beverage business having a group of staff will put a lot of emphasis on its employees adhering to the rules of the company. Finally, it is this that makes them going as a well-oiled unit. A Restaurant handbook is considered to be the blueprint or rather the documented manual of rules, which needs to be shared with each and every employee of the organization.
Ideally, a restaurant handbook must be shared with the employees even before the hotel/ restaurant commences its operations. Once the hotel/ restaurant starts operating, there is going to be precious little time for the hotel/ restaurant to speak to its existing employees, as all of them would be busy in their duties taking care of their respective departments.
The Food and Beverage Management & service team will be busy in looking after the kitchen, restaurant and the bar set up ! They may not have time; a single minute off from their duties, With such a busy schedule to cope up, employees may not have time to read through the restaurant handbook (SOP).
the restaurant handbook, also known as Standard Operation Producers (SOP) thus a manual that should be given to each and every employee before he joins operations in the hotel. He should be allowed 3-4 days for him to memorize the SOP completely, more so of the duties and responsibilities summarized for him in his department. Ideally, the turn around time for a resource to have completely memorized the SOP manual should be a week. After this, you could take a short test to find out, if the employee has been able to memorize it well.
The best way of testing an employee’s knowledge on SOP is to test it out practically. Observe your employees and see if they are putting into practice plans and procedures laid out in the SOP. Remember, the restaurant staff handbook will only remain to be a manual, if the procedures discussed in the manual are not put in action. A lot of planning would have already gone in the preparation of this handbook, thus it is important for you to enforce the following to this handbook diligently.
Any employee of the hotel who defaults on following the Service of Policy and Standard of Performance document, should be sent back to the training room, so he could get some more time to assimilate the policies and procedures outlined in the book.
Needless to say, the restaurant employees handbook is really considered to be one of the best resources for any restaurant operation. Not only does it streamline operations, but it also tells each department on how they should be executing their tasks. Everything from carrying out normal duties to raising escalations is made superbly easy with the help of restaurant employees handbook.