Looking to give your restaurant in Restaurant City a boost, There are many so called Restaurant City guides and strategies going around the promise the earth but really fail to deliver when it comes to being better at the game. Here are some tips that anyone can use and implement today to start making more coins and having a better restaurant in general.
The first tip is to starve your employees! Yes, that is right. Don’t feed them. Don’t worry, they aren’t real and they won’t do anything bad anyway. This might sound a bit odd, but instead of feeding them, there is something else that you can do that will help save you more coins. Just give them a break for 45 minutes every 3 hours or so instead. Put them to sleep in the red basic beds and you’ll find that your income is greatly increased because you don’t need to waste money feeding your workers anymore.
Add as many friends as you can. This is very boring and time consuming, but doing this is a great way to get things like ice cream and flour. How many friends should you add, Add about ten to twenty friends every three days. Don’t add or delete all your friends at once. Scale it in and out by deleting and adding a few new ones every day.
If you are just starting out with Restaurant City, make sure that the layout or design of your restaurant is an island. Many beginner players overlook this and instead go crazy with restaurant designs and come up with layouts that only hamper any efforts to stand any chance of having a top restaurant. Having a good layout makes it very easy for your employees to get food to your customers and greatly increases the rate at which you can make money.
Got lines of customers waiting for a table to be cleared so they can be seated, Put in chairs to give them a place to wait, arcades to give them something to do or even mazes. These are great ways to keep customers busy and entertained while they are waiting for a table.
One final tip involves ingredients and how you should get them. You should avoid buying ingredients from the market until you are steadily earning 4000 to 4500 coins per hour. A great alternative to buying ingredients is to log in daily, trade with friends or just add temporary friends.