Over the past few years many of the great political commentators have passed on, this means they are no longer with us, and their wit and humor, along with their incredible insight and the years, sometimes many decades worth of knowledge is no longer available to help us decipher current political events.
This has created havoc and chaos for many of the TV networks, and the major newspapers where they worked. Nevertheless, there is always opportunity in crisis. For instance, this means that there are now openings for new political pundits who write columns for newspapers, are interviewed on TV, and provide us meaningful commentary.
Over the last few years, I’ve written over 2500 political and Op Ed pieces, and what I’ve noted, is that there are quite a few writers who write op-ed pieces occasionally, but very few that write them each and every day. On the Internet, there are many bloggers that are quite good at dissecting political debates, and yet, they seem to have found their niche, but are not too interested in expanding upon it.
Again, this opens an opportunity for other new writers to post their op-ed pieces online, or get a job as a political syndicated columnist. Believe it or not it is a pretty good job, and although you may not ever become as popular as a political radio talk show “shock jock” you perhaps could make a pretty good living at it.
Personally, I have been amazed at the number of people who have read my political articles, and e-mail me with comments (yes, sometimes hate mail). It is interesting that so many people are interested in these things. You see, people really get into their politics, as it’s part of the sound and fury that fuels their existence. Please consider all this.