Sea World, Orlando is one of the world’s biggest and most visited marine parks because of its unique ways of featuring animals both from land and especially water. It is not the typical marine park for it also has a number of interesting rides, a wide array of animal species, combined attractions and live entertainment.
This unique marine park is one great place for family fun and on top of that, it is also very educational because the kids here get a more intimate experience in learning about different kinds of animals, their needs, and how to help conserve them. Kids can have an up close and personal experience with bottlenose dolphins and even sting rays in Sea World’s touch pools.
From artificial coral reefs to seals, sting rays and lots more, you and your family will never run out of attractions and things to do while you are visiting Sea World in Orlando, Florida. One of the most visited parts of the park is the Dolphin Stadium because this is where highly trained dolphins show off their talents by entertaining guests and visitors with their aerobatics. But that is not all. Who says only Dolphins can show off tricks, The Shamu Stadium will prove otherwise because here, trained killer whales also boast their tricks that will surely leave you entertained.
One of the things to see in Sea World is called the “Wild Arctic” where in it is a simulation ride of the helicopter and is a ride to a land filled with different interesting creatures of the Arctic such as walruses, harbor seals, polar bears and beluga whales. Another crazy ride is the “Journey to Atlantis” which is a waterfall ride that has a closely vertical drop of 60-foot drop, just imagine the adrenaline rush! For adrenaline junkies out there, the Kraken is the ride just for you. This coaster has longer drops and heart pumping spirals than any in the place so for those who are searching for an unforgettable ride, this is something not to miss while at Sea World.
Sea World does not really have divisions or sections but it has distinct areas in the area making it easy to go around the place. The Key West at Sea World is intentionally made to copy one of the cities in Florida which is Key West. It exhibits here different animals such as alligators, sea turtles, manatees and so much more. This is where you get the chance to feed animals like the stingrays and dolphins. Shamu’s Happy Harbor is where kids get to know Shamu the killer whale mascot along with different rides that kids can choose from. It also has here a water play area. The Waterfront at Sea World is by far the newest area at Sea World where it closely resembles the Mediterranean village’s seaside. Visitors can find here lines of shops, restaurants and the Sky Tower ride as well.