NORTH FORT MYERS, Fla. — This season, the North Fort Myers girls soccer team is not only regarded as one of the best in the state but in the country as the Red Knights are currently ranked in the top ten in the nation but they still have much more to achieve.

Step onto Moody field in North Fort Myers this winter and you can notice a special energy.

“It is fun to win so we are having a lot of fun winning all these games and it’s awesome,” Junior goalkeeper Aliyah Morgan said.

This season, the Red Knights have no reason to not have fun. They’re unbeaten through the first twelve games and find themselves in the top ten in the entire country.

“When I am out on the field it doesn’t feel that way but when I look down at the stats and everything it is really cool to see that our hard work is being recognized,” senior forward Michelle Horan said.

It’s the highest national ranking the program has ever received.

“You can barely put it into perspective really like there are so many teams in the nation and somehow you know we are like top-five like that is incredible,” Junior defender Ariana Restrepo said.

It’s an accomplishment to be proud of but not what this season is all about.

“I think that it is neat that they are being recognized in some fashion for the work that they have put in and the players and the team they have built but that does not go and win a State Championship,” head coach Nick Erickson said.

And that is all that matters after coming up one goal short of the title game last year.

“Definitely this season we felt like we had something to prove. We want to keep going to possibly get even further you know and make history possibly,” Restrepo said.

The rankings are special but it’s that history that for this team is the only recognition they want.

“I think the ceiling is winning a State Championship. I think that it is realistic for this team,” Coach Erickson said.

“I think the state championship. That is the goal and that is what we want to do and I think I’m confident that we can do it,” said Morgan.

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