Natural disasters of any kind and fury are dreadful. The scientific evidence available now can at least assist people in being better prepared to face and overcome such tragic devastations. The book ‘Natural Disasters’ written by Drs. Sushmitha Baskar and R. Baskar, and published by Unicorn Books takes you through the major disasters erupting on land, water and atmospheric hazards that can appear suddenly and leave behind a trail of misery. With extensive illustrations, diagrams, and photos, the two authors have confronted the issue of various earth’s processes and geological hazards and their causes scientifically and share with readers specific actions they should take during and after a disaster.
They begin each chapter explaining the underlying geological processes, important facts & figures as well as the key terms that describe them. Next, they explore the impact these processes have on humans (as well as the impact that humans have on the processes). Finally, the authors analyse strategies for mitigating these disasters’ physical and financial damage, and present prospects for the future.
Major issues addressed include earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides, cyclones, draught, desertification, floods, tsunamis, landslides, hurricanes and tornadoes. The text is very user-friendly, well-organized and also well-written. For educational purposes, this very detailed and informative text serves as a great resource. No matter where you live, a natural hazard exists. We need to learn to live with natural events instead of trying to control them.
Aspirants and examinees for admission to various under/post graduate courses and competitive exams would find the book highly informative. According to the author-duo, ‘Natural Disasters’ conforms to UGC NET syllabus for Environmental Sciences for award of research fellowships/ selection to lecturership in college/universities/research institutions in India.