Alcohol addiction has become quite an increasing threat in the industrialized nations. This is owing to the fact that industrialization is leading to increased levels of stress, and as a result to cope with stress, people are resorting to alcoholism. It is quite a paradox to know that more developed the country is, the more helpless the paraphernalia is to deal such problems.
Similar to the fact that no two persons in this world are identical; the alcohol addiction treatment plan is also effective only if it is tailor-made to suit the needs of each individual as the intensity of addiction is also variable. A unique way has been devised for de-addiction, wherein progressive de-addiction drive coupled with a personal approach is adopted these days by the centre. This method is said to be quite effective and has 100 per cent success rate.
If you are seeking professional intervention to get rid of alcohol addiction, then you should seek a centre which would offer services with complete dedication, foresightedness, compassion and professionalism. The alcohol addiction treatment begins with an innate desire on the part of the alcoholic to recover. The moment, an individual realizes that he needs to get rid of the problem, recovery process begins.
Alcohol addiction treatment comprises the following steps:
Medical Treatment:
• Medical treatment to deal the withdrawal problems begins with the detoxification process. It is the first step to commence any kind of therapy.
• The medical treatment will required an intensive medical check up with appropriate laboratory tests. This will give us the details of the severity of the problem and the extent to which the body has been affected. This will eventually help us gauge the intensity of treatment and therapy required besides the time frame for complete recovery.
• Restrict access to alcohol and allied substances.
• Teach the family the model of alcohol addiction and as to what modus operandi would be adopted for the de-addiction.
• Associated psychological problems should also be treated under the holistic treatment plan. This will eradicate the basic reasons leading to alcohol abuse among the patient.
• Keep regular check and do regular blood tests, to check for alcohol levels. You can also conduct unscheduled blood tests to do the same.
• A healthy and nutritious diet is a must for recovery.
• Hospitalization is not required for alcohol addiction treatment, until and unless there are serious complications or damage to the body organs like a damaged kidney etc.
Psychological Alcohol Addiction Treatment:
• Regular follow up is mandatory in the treatment, so as to ensure there is no relapse.
• One should not adopt an aggressive stance to deal with the problem. This may lead to further problems. Therefore, it has to be handled with due care and patience. Any confrontation is uncalled for.
• The psychotherapy must be conducted but it should focus only on addiction of the patient and not any other issues, only if they concern the habit of drinking.
• A holistic healing will only take place, if the family and friends are also made a part of the treatment.
• Behavior therapy is also recommended for the process of de-addiction, as it helps the person adopt other means of dealing with anxiety, rather that resorting to alcohol.