A quick history – a state of Florida name was “born” back in 1513 by Ponce de Leon, it belonged to Spain and England for many years, however it was finally sold back to the USA in 1819. There was a time in the history, when wars between Seminole Indians and locals affected the area, mainly until 1842. The capital of the state is Tallahassee, as you probably know the nickname is the “Sunshine State”, due to the fact that the climate is very warm, as well as people can enjoy a good deal of sunshine each day. Average temperature is around 82 F ( south ) & 80 F ( north ), mild winters are favorites for the retired folks, the only problem there is a hurricane season, which runs from June 1 through November 30. Locals know it & are always prepared. You can check the National Hurricane Center for the latest updates on the storms. Population of the cities, top 5: Jacksonville – 821,784, Miami – 399,457, Tampa – 335,709, St. Petersburg – 244,769, Orlando – 238,300. Today we look at the second biggest city in Florida – Miami.
Miami is a well known city for many tourists from around the World. The beaches are ranked the most exciting places to relax and enjoy the unlimited sun-baths! When we first come to the city of Miami we want to have a tour. Miami Hop On, Hop Off Sightseeing Tour ( from around $40 ) is a good way to see things by yourself. Vehicles are in great condition and offers you some amazing panoramic views – you will see the downtown, local hops, cultural objects, museums. That’s why they call this tour – “See Miami the right way!”. 9 AM to 5 PM daily. Next – the Everglades Airboat Ride & Wildlife Show, prices start at only $49, but don’t think that the prices are too steep, in this tour you will be able to see the amazing wildlife of the southern Florida! 4 hour airboat ride features a friendly evening with alligators, turtles, snakes, fish and even some exotic birds. Everglades National Park has it all, more over you will be guided by the professional guides, who know all the facts about the park’s wildlife.
When you’re done with the tours – it’s time for nightlife of fun. Start by visiting these venues: Automatic Slims, Jazzid, or Club Deuce, some other big clubs in the area – Opium, Mansion, Cameo. As an example, a nightclub Opium ( at 5729 Seminole Way ) has so many events each week, that you have to check with them to see what artists/singers are coming to town.
The last, but not the least – what are the most favorite hotels in Miami area, The National Hotel ( 1677 Collins Ave Miami Beach, FL 33139 ) is a 4-star hotel established back in 1939 is located very close Ocean Drive & Lincoln Road Mall. A historic Art Deco rooms have pillow top mattress, designer created light textures, amazing pool & all the other amenities you may need. Starting at $195 per night. Hyatt Regency Miami ( located in downtown area, 400 S 2nd Ave ) not only has a fitness center, outdoor pool with the sun deck, business center – it also has rooms that provide you with an unforgettable city & bay views. From $149 per night you will get an amazing deal & comfortable, relaxing night sleep.
So if you are a beach lover and have time to enjoy the unlimited sunshine & the warm summer feel like air, dance in the nightclubs of Miami & eat at the local 5 star restaurants – start planning your trip today. You will not be disappointed.