Nothing tastes better at Meet restaurant than Lomo ‘Maradona,’ a 300 g fillet steak with asparagus, king prawns & b,´┐Żarnaise sauce. Truly one of cows greatest gifts to mankind.
We went there on a sunny Sunday afternoon, recommended by a friend of ours. Meet restaurant is situated in St. Julian’s near the police station. We reserved a table outside on the terrace with a great view over Spinola bay, setting the bar for an excellent meal that was about to be served.
From the menu we chose the ‘Chorizo a la Parilla’, grilled spicy sausages served with a chimichurri dip as an appetizer. For the main course the wife ordered the fillet steak ‘Maradona’ and I the ‘Ojo de Bife’, a grilled Rib-eye steak of a massive 675 grams.
As the name already mentioned it is a steak house, so if you are not into red meat the menu is a bit limited.
The steak was juicy, tender and perfectly seasoned (I felt like Homer from the Simpson’s drooling over donuts). I was so excited when the steak arrived I didn’t notice till half way through my meal that I was using a butter knife to cut my steak. That’s how tender and juicy it was. I ordered mine medium rare because of the extra cooking that still occurs while it’s sitting on the plate.
The atmosphere was great and the owner Garry and his staff were excellent, despite the fact that some Maltese guy sitting next to us was ‘yappin’ the whole time referring to himself in the 3rd person.
The selection of wine from local and abroad is very good and reasonably priced. We had took a bottle of red because when you eat a steak of that proportion a nice bottle of red is the way to go!
To make the meal complete we had some excellent chocolate cake accompanied with an espresso.
Make no bones about it, if you from Malta our you there on a holiday and haven’t tried Meet Restaurant by now you are only doing a disservice to yourself as a meat lover!
You only live once so march down to this place, demand a seat out side on the terrace, and place an order for the largest steak or the steak ‘Maradona’ and prepare for a mouth watering life changing experience.
Will I go back, Hell to the YEAH. I couldn’t have it any other way…