I recently went to an old time Italian restaurant called Matteos, located on Mineola Avenue in Roslyn Heights. It has been around for over 20 years and they do not accept reservations, so we waited for about 45 minutes for a table. Boy was it well worth it! For those of you who hate waiting on line with no reservations, try calling in your dinner order to pick up ahead of time. This is a great way of enjoying your meal without the pain of waiting for a table.
Matteos is known for its huge portions of Italian food for a fair price. I went to dinner there with three of my friends. As usual, our dinner did not disappoint. We started off the meal with shrimp cocktails, which were both large and very tasty. We shared a caeser salad and an Italian chopped salad for the four of us. Both salads were very tasty and very fresh. We split one portion of calamari marinara as well as an order of baked clams.
Matteos is known for its family size portion of each dish. Each dish can be enough to feed 2-4 people. Some of the old time dishes are eggplant parmesan, veal cutlet marinara, chicken parmesan and sausage and peppers. The quality is always good and rarely do we ever leave without doggy bags. There always seems to be enough food for lunch or dinner the following day.
The best dessert by consensus is the Napoleon which we shared between the four of us. It is definitely a great way to end the meal. Matteos is a great place to go if you are looking for a large quantity of good food at a fair price.