Marbella has always been associated as an excellent holiday destination and as usual place for the jet set and famous parties taking place in its surroundings.
But the city is much more than that and much more than the urban scandals that have filled so many newspaper pages in recent years. Without doubt, this is an area with a privileged climate, friendly people, great leisure offers and a fantastic international gastronomy.
Many of us come to Marbella to enjoy the climate, sun and beaches. The best beaches are found in the area of the Hotel Don Carlos (Elviria) and the Hotel Los Monteros and in the direction towards Estepona.
A good option to enjoy a day at the beach in the area is to go to one of the exclusive Beach Clubs that exist in different locations. The most famous are Don Carlos Beach Club, Nikki Beach, Marbella Club Hotel, the Hotel Los Monteros, Ocean Club, Puro Beach, Buddha Beach and the Bora Bora Beach Club, for example.
To enjoy excellent international cuisine there are some outstanding restaurants in the area of Marbella:

The Restaurant Calima, awarded with a Michelin star, is located in the Hotel Meli,, Don Pepe. It has an excellent service, atmosphere, terrace, decoration, wine cellar and, of course, an innovative cuisine that will delight all lovers of modern cuisine.

The Restaurant El Lago, awarded with Michelin star, has a privileged location in Elviria urbanization with a view over a lake.

The restaurant Skina also has a Michelin star. This restaurant is located in the centre of Marbella in a pedestrian street. It has a more private atmosphere with a modern, innovative cuisine.

In the Marbella Club Restaurant you can enjoy game meats and traditional cuisine in a summer terrace with beautiful lighting.

The restaurant La Meridiana has a very nice summer terrace and is usually frequented by some of the most glamorous personalities. Being one of the most prestigious places in Marbella for many years, La Meridiana is located on top of a hill surrounded by luxury home developments.

The restaurant Babilonia is located in the most famous nightclub in Marbella, Olivia Valere. Here come together most of the celebrities. The interiors blend Eastern and Arab influences, with touches of Art Deco and many modern accents. The terrace is really nice. Unparalleled decor, fun atmosphere and with a complete night offer complete and always up to date on the latest trends.

La Finca Besaya stands out more for the magnificent terrace to enjoy some drinks and is thus another must in Marbella. Situated close to Olivia Valere. The Finca has two floors and a garden terrace, which in summer, has one of the best atmospheres in Marbella. Elegant, well-groomed people, fun music.

The restaurant Villa Tiberio is a historic Italian restaurant in Marbella, with beautiful tropical gardens, a magnificent terrace and perfect lighting.

The Restaurant Messina is located in the centre of the city and offers a cuisine that blends Italian and Argentinean roots. Small, nicely decorated, minimalist, it will delight those who want to try new culinary experiences.

The Restaurant El Rodeito is notable for its breadth of schedule, as it is open almost 24 hours a day. This is traditional grill offering lamb or pork roast, meat and seafood.

The restaurant La Navilla offers a traditional Andalusian cuisine. Located in the heart of Marbella, on the sea promenade, on the top floor of the shopping center Plaza de Mar.

The restaurant La Veranda is now on everyone’s lips because it is situated in the Hotel Villa Padierna we all remember due to the Obama family. The surroundings are very sophisticated.

The restaurant El Patio de los Perfumesis another secret corner, located in the old town of Marbella. French cuisine of good quality. With a pretty terrace and pleasant environment, plants and decoration and a similar atmosphere as in Parisian bistros.

The restaurant Ombu has recently opened at Hotel Don Carlos. Situated on a terrace above tropical gardens, the restaurant is surrounded by vegetation and has fantastic lighting.
Among all these recommendations you surely will find something that suits your taste and palate. Enjoy your night out in Marbella.