So, you are single and you are thinking that attending a few singles events might liven up your social life a little. Maybe you are looking for “Mr. Right,” or maybe just “Mr. Right Now.” Whatever the case a fun singles event like speed dating or a dinner party might be just what the doctor ordered.
Structured Is Often Better
Have you been to a singles event where there really was not structure, Say you are 30-something and you go to this event that is wide open as far as age range. There may be a few folks there who are in your age range, but how can you pick them out, It is better to have a targeted age range and work on a smaller scale than it is to wade through people who are too young or too old for your taste. Find singles events that have more of a focus, whether it’s age, career, or something else. You will stand a better chance of meeting someone you’re interested in and who is interested in you.
When you are at a singles event, don’t attach yourself to one person and stick with them the entire time. You also don’t want to just hide out in a corner all night. You need to get out there, mingle with the other attendees. It may seem awkward or difficult at first, but make yourself do it. Make eye contact, smile and say hello. Start a conversation, something like, “Wow, did you expect this many people to show up,” or “Is this your first time,”
Don’t be afraid to Talk
As you mingle, don’t be afraid to talk. Ask open ended questions like, “What did you expect when you signed up for this,” or “What kinds of people have you met at these events,” As they answer, respond and keep the conversation going. If someone talks to you, don’t clam up. Talk back!
Bring a Small Notebook and Pen
When you go to a singles event, particularly speed dating, take a small notebook or note pad and pen with you. Jot down notes and names discretely as you meet people. At a speed dating event you will likely have a pad so you can make notes as you meet people. That is a good practice when you are at a singles event like a dinner party, especially if you are going to be exposed to a lot of people.
Relax, Smile and Have Fun!
The most important thing to do at a singles event is to relax, smile and have fun. Don’t go into the situation with any expectation other than to have a good time. Relax, try not to be nervous. Smile, it makes you look friendly. Just go into the event with an open mind.
Don’t put any pressure on yourself to meet someone; you don’t have to go home with a pocket full of phone numbers. You may meet one person, or you may meet several. Strike up some conversations and have a ball.