It seems Florida is the number one location in the world to host attractions and theme parks. Ever since the arrival of Walt Disney World in Orlando, other parks such as Universal Orlando Resort and SeaWorld have sprouted up around it.
Tourists travelling to Florida to see these big attractions will find themselves drawn to other recreational activities nearby. You don’t have to travel far to see them either. The Kennedy Space Center, just outside of Orlando, has evolved into a learning museum as well as a launch pad for NASA. An hour away, down the road, you will come to Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay, showcasing wildlife and some of the best rollercoasters.
The latest addition to the plethora of parks in Florida is the 150 acre Legoland, the official park dedicated to the building block toys we all remember from our childhood. Well, Lego is still going strong and with other theme parks under its belt, it was about time to open another one in the theme park capital of the world, Florida.
We Brits are lucky enough to have our own Legoland in Windsor, complete with rollercoasters, shows, mini city recreations and creative areas to try your hand at building whatever your imagination allows. It only seemed logical to set up another Legoland across the pond but why,
Walt Disney World is the biggest attraction in Florida with over 16 million visitors each year, but people won’t spend two weeks limited to this. There is going to be some overspill and other attractions are going to be on the agenda for the holiday plan. Legoland can essentially feed off the other parks, using this valuable time to create a reputation. Some might question why anyone would want to set up shop amongst so much competition, but this is a good tactic. After all, we see it done to a much smaller extent with car garages on the high street. Legoland could expect to receive crowds in the millions just from this alone.
Lego used to remain popular in Europe, but found its way over the pond and into the American toy box. This gained momentum and enough interest for an amusement park to become a viable opportunity. The American audience maintain just as much demand as the Europeans when it comes to the building blocks and this trend is becoming worldwide. You only have to search the internet for some amazing fan made creations by kids and adults alike.
Lego is a household name and has grown in popularity from generation to generation. Legoland in Florida is not just for kids, but for adults as well, although they may not admit to it!