With a tradition of over 100 years in making movies, and being in the top of the movie production in America, South Florida is having this industry very well developed. Hundreds of actors are working in movie production studios, theaters and television stations located in South Florida area.
One of the reasons of the great success of the acting art in South Florida is the number of acting schools offering quality education to the young actors who aspire to a bright career. For the youngest ones many summer camps are offering educational programs and creating interest to the kids for acting in school plays and children shows. This can be a valuable experience for the future development as an actor.
Venue Actors Studio located in Pinellas Park for age 13 and up is offering group programs for developing improvisation and presentation skills, especially for teenagers.
The Actors Workshop of South Florida for the young people is focused on the improving the improvisation and audition techniques and scene work.
University Center for the Performing Arts in Fort Lauderdale, The Acting School of South Florida from Hollywood FL, Palm Beach Acting School, all these are just a small part from the long list of acting schools in South Florida.
Before choosing the classes you intend to participate, get familiar with the offer of the school. Some of them have developed training programs and classes focusing on different media like film, theatre, on-camera or improvisation. But still most of them will prepare you for performing in all the media. And finally if you want to gain more confidence in your presentation skills, private tutoring is the right option for you to choose.
Being an actor is a job full of rewards, especially if you reach the top. It means to film in different locations, to meet new people and fellow actors and to be under the spot light and in the magazines. On the other hand, acting it is not like a normal, steady job from 9 to 5, but more like a constant search for the next role to play. As soon as you finished your part, you will be looking for another one. And this rule applies to the big actors as well, if you consider the fact there are about 50 big movies shot each year. In this matter, it is extremely useful to have an agent, who will help you so much in getting you auditions, meetings with casting directors and other people involved in the business.
In order to achieve these goals, you need to work a lot. You have to constantly improve your skills, to be always open to what’s new in the business, to attend to seminars and classes and to be able to show your acting talent in the best possible way.
You need to have interest and patience to watch the great actors at work in different types of productions from classical movies to the new arrivals, from short or mute movies to foreign productions. Also watching the live performance of theatre actors is providing an excellent way to learn new tips and tricks in acting. With our little article we hope to be helpful to all of you who wish to make a great career in acting.