Italian Excursions – Which One Is Right for You?

What type of Italian excursions will you take for your next trip into the country? If you are planning a getaway of a week or more, you may have time to book a few amazing travel destinations. Italy has a number of options to offer those visiting and because it is not a huge city and there is good transportation throughout, it is easy to get around here. You will find yourself enjoying a wide range of options and different sub-cultures throughout the country. What you do and explore here is really up to you, but there are a few things worth discovering if you are new to the experience.

Perhaps the most sought after type of excursion here is into the city of Rome. Rome is the home of ancient ruins, religion and, of course, a modern, bustling city. When you arrive, you may become taken with the architecture that runs throughout the city. You could take a private tour, which will take you into some of these buildings and it will definitely provide you with a unique vantage point. Rome is worth a day or longer visit, especially if you have the time. It can create for you a great way to explore all that this city and really the country stands for.

Rome is fantastic but that is not all there is to do here. If you are staying in Rome, consider a few Italian excursions into the various other areas in the vicinity. A few hours away is the city of Naples. Here, you will find a typical Italian city that is full of modern amenities and features. You will find more history here, as you will throughout the entire country. In Naples, visit the Piazza del Plebiscito, a large domed church. You can also visit the National Archaeological Museum of Naples, which has a large number of both Greek and Roman antiques dating back thousands of years. The Duomo is nearby, which is a 13th century Gothic church. You could also visit Santa Chiara Church, Via San Gregorio Armeno and the Spaccanapoli–an historic center in the city.

A few hours outside of Rome is another must see city that makes for a perfect Italian excursion. You can visit Pompeii. The modern city is a very upscale and beautiful place, but many come for the city that was buried under the ashes dating back to 79 AD. The city is nearly intact. Visitors can take a guided tour through it and see many of the buildings and artifacts of that time. Perhaps most important is the feeling of living and walking through ancient times when the Roman Empire was at its prime. Pompeii is a great example of a historic landmark in Italy.

There are plenty of other things to do on Italian excursions, too. You can enjoy a trip through Venice. You could visit Florence where you will find art comes to life. You can tour many of the churches and ruins throughout the countryside. You could visit Tuscany for a wine tour, too. These are all just examples of the many things you can do throughout the country. Sometimes, though, the best way to see the city is to book a private tour. It can take you from place to place and allow you to see up close the details that make up the Italian culture. Sometimes, enjoying a simple meal in a vineyard is far more enjoyable than enjoying the beaches. On the other hand, you may want to make time to do that as well. Your trip to Italy can be what you want it to be.

Source by Andy West