As we’re heading into springtime, and the weather is getting warmer, we may be noticing things more-the sun, the warmth, the flowers. In that way our minds are responding to the temperature, the scenery, the smells and sounds. Feeling happy (as, for instance, I do) in response to this weather happens automatically. I enjoy the warm weather, so my mind responds automatically to what’s desired. In a similar way, the work that I do gets the mind to respond to what’s desired, whether that be happiness, strength, tranquility, whatever it is.
Getting the mind to set up for what’s desired is the first part; communicating what’s desired to the deeper part of the mind is the second part. I do that communication. The client just listens. And when I do that, when the deeper part of the mind understands what’s desired, the client “gets it,” “gets” that whatever trauma that had happened is no longer happening, “gets” that whatever disturbing emotion that was there, is no longer of any use. Once this happens, the energy that had been spent maintaining the disturbing emotion is now freed up to focus on what’s desired.
Previously, there was a disconnect between the way the person was thinking (the logical, conscious way) and the way the person was feeling (that automatic, subconscious way). Once both are in alignment and in agreement, the change is automatic. And there’s no going back to the way things were because it no longer makes sense. Similarly, there was a time when it made sense for us to crawl, because that’s the only way we knew to get around, right, It no longer makes sense for us to crawl, because now we walk, and walking is what makes sense. And for as long as walking makes sense, we will never again crawl. And we know now that crawling was a whole lot harder than walking. Walking is actually easy.
So the man who witnessed a murder on the street where he lives, or the woman who was held at gunpoint while in her car, people who had been paralyzed by fear and shock, are now free from that paralysis. The disturbing event is remembered as data, as information, but the disturbing emotions which had been attached to the event are gone.
Now that we can walk, we can do a whole bunch of other things too: we can run, jump, skip, dance, ride a bicycle, etc. Once the deeper part of the mind gets it, the possibilities are limitless. So why would someone crawl when they could easily and effortlessly walk,