Like other very important concepts such as team building, corporate events etc; team activity is also very much important in today’s world that is full of cut throat competition. With the evolution of new paradigm the world has seen different revolutionary changes in which the old paradigm shift was completely changed, in the old paradigm shift the human was considered to be the one of least value but in this new paradigm organizations have realized this fact that human is the source of all the resources and that is why they are giving full importance to their employees and are arranging different sort of activities to get their full attention and that is why instead of considering normal routine activities they are more focused on team based activities.
Due to the revolution in different areas specifically in communication has given recognition to different firms globally but due this globalization the competition has also reached its peak which means that more quality oriented activities are required to increase the involvement of the employees in the works of organization which will certainly lead to the fulfillment of the organizational goals and in these quality oriented activities the most common and efficient activity is called team activity. The reasons behind performing team activities are many like; such activities are performed to inspire the members of the team, such activities are aimed at making the work environment more pleasant and more workable, such activities are done to enhance the communication and coordination among employees, such activities enhance the personal relation among manager and his subordinates which then lead to a very pleasant environment in which no one hesitates while working or helping other and thus face every challenge very efficiently and such activities are laid down to flourish the inner ability of the employee in order to take best out of him and to give him full chance of exploration.
Some of the team activities are given as under

Activity called Roller coaster: It is sort of indoor activity in which personal coordination among employees is increased. In this activity a roller coaster track is built by the members of the team in which the main theme is that track is traveled by the gravity alone and is made for football.

Activity called together we can: The nature of this activity is out door it is done to enhance the cooperation between one another and it is done through the method of building informal team based activity, in this method one team after performing its large task transfers it to the other team for further fulfillment and this all carry the time span of one day.

Activity called drumming workshop: it is also an indoor activity in which the teams are taught the playing of drums as well listening. It is a psychological sort of activity and done to increase communication among employees.