Here’s a few ideas that could help you make money as a professional skateboarder. First learn if you have the needed skills and then read the suggestions that could make you money.
First of all let’s talk for a while about the skills and talents a skateboarder should possess in order to become a professional.
Determination: practice, practice and then practice again. This is the secret to improve your skateboarding methods and gain experience points time after time
Patience: You know you need time to become a professional skateboarder. Patience is a #1 virtue. If you have a clear plan then the benefits of patience will be ten fold.
Passion for skateboarding: You should love the sport. Not just practicing but watching others too. Gain something from their experience.
Down to earth profile: Arrogance will get you nowhere. Life moves in mysterious ways and one day you are a professional and the next you are out.
So assuming you have the skills above and want to make money as a professional skateboarder. Here are a few ways.
Sponsors: These are companies who pay the skateboarder money or give products in order for the person to advertise their logo in clothes or their the right company or companies and make a connection with them. The rest will be history. You can also create a short video with you in action to show them.
Product advertisements: There are a lot of companies who wish professional skaters to promote their products via print ads or television commercials. You must be really well known in order to advertise products. There are skateboarders who are the main characters in video games but they were famous before they did that.
Skateboarding competitions: At least the top-three winners in a competition make money, but you can always participate for your fame. The question is: Do you have the strength to take part in such competition, What will your chances be to end up in the first three places, That’s a true skateboarder’s way to make some real cash.
Events and Shows: There are many events where skateboarders are invited to present their talents on scene. Inform yourself about such events, read related magazines and newspapers, locate online communities and take active part in discussions, acquire information from other websites. The above are activities that should be among your interests. Let everybody know you are a professional athlete, promote yourself (and your personality) as much as possible and you will have results.
There are various ways for a professional skater to make money these days and this article presented only some of them. You can always learn more if you know how to search well and how to acquire the right information.