Car insurance means protection. You are going to enter into a contract with an insurer expecting them to protect you from severe financial loss as result of accident. In return, you will pay your premium. You will buy a policy that will describe what losses are covered and what the coverage limits are. Insurers provide coverage for property, as well as medical expenses.
Getting your coverage may cost you much. There are some useful tips to cut your premium, which is sometimes offered by your insurer. For example, you may get discounts when you will have your home, life and auto insurances in one company, being a member in professional groups, and having safety devices installed in your car, among others.
There are many possible ways you can get cheap insurance. Aside from the mentioned above, another useful tip to slash down your premiums is by telecommuting.
Once you decide to call a company to ask for a quote, you will be asked immediately how many miles you put on your car every year. Agent will asks this because statistics revealed that the more you drive in the road, the more likely you will get involved in an accident. This will make you pay for higher premiums.
But as a remedy to this, you can stay and work from home. More and more companies are allowing their workers to telecommute even in a recessive economy. And the fact that many people are now starting their business from their homes.
Working from home would cut significantly the time you use on the road. Car insurance companies are now offering special telecommuter rates. Even if your service provider does not offer this, you should inform them about the reduced number of miles you’re driving because you work from home.
Although not all time you can work at home because of the nature of your job, better talk about it your boss. You can ask your employer to let you work from home at least one or two days a week. But if your company does not allow telecommunicating, ask them for a trial basis. Show to them that your productivity is not affected in you doing your job at home.
Also make sure that you encourage your company to do telecommuting. Assure them how they can benefit from it. Aside from lowering your premium, your use of gas will also definitely be reduced.
You can also ask your insurer if you can have a lower car insurance rate during periods of unemployment. Give the reason that you will drive on the road less often even if you will drive to and from job interviews compared when you go to job everyday. Talk to them if your rates will decrease temporarily while looking for a new job.
If you like to get the best car insurance, you should do possible ways to lower your premiums. It is better for you to find a new job that will let you work from home and keep your rates much lower than before.